Friday, January 8, 2010

Spring Design Moving to Borders/Kobo

The Spring Design Alex, a very cool, somewhat similar to nook device that they claimed Barnes and Noble ripped off after signing a deal to have them help design an eReader is moving. After failing to gain an injunction, it looks like they're moving (literally) on. No longer intending to utilize the Barnes and Noble eBook store, they are relocating to Borders and will take up shop in their forthcoming branded KoboBooks store.

It's certainly a sleek looking machine, although as always one has to wonder if they are going to hit a price point that won't scare away consumers. I'm not quite sure why there's only one next and one previous page button. I've heard people prefer the nook to Kindle because it's as easy to go forward and back for lefties as it is righties. To be honest, I find it easier myself, and I'm a righty - sometimes I'm holding it one handed, with my left hand.


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