Friday, January 8, 2010

Barnes and Noble Holiday Sales

Beth over at found this press release from Barnes and Noble regarding their holiday sales.


Barnes & Noble store sales were $1.1 billion, a 5% decrease over the same period a year ago, with comparable store sales decreasing 5.4%. Barnes & sales increased 17% for the holiday selling season and totaled $134 million. Barnes & sales include nook™ revenues recognized since the product began shipping after Thanksgiving.

While I wouldn't be surprised to hear any bricks and mortar retailer with a large online presence showing a continued shift towards online sales, those numbers seem to indicate that the nook had a huge impact on online sales - and why not - the margin must be way higher than that of the average web site book order.

What would be real interesting to learn is how they will account for sales of nook books to customers browsing via Wi-Fi in a retail location.


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